Tosot Dehumidifier Review: 70 Pint with an Internal Pump


High humidity levels of about 50% or above are the prime contributors to the growth of mildew, mites, and mold. They provide an excellent environment for the survival and reproduction of such organisms. These conditions are common in humid areas, making dehumidifiers a necessity for almost every resident.   

Dehumidifiers are electrical appliances that help maintain the humidity level inside your rooms regardless of whether the weather changes outdoors. These devices are essential for people with asthma or allergies as their immunity to such a polluted environment is quite low, and they require fresh air constantly.  

When mentioning different dehumidifiers, Tosot is a famous name that comes to our minds. Tosot, despite being a new name, has gained a remarkable reputation due to its high-quality dehumidifiers that provide fresh and healthy air to the users to breathe in.

The company, like any other in the industry, has introduced several models with different dehumidification capacities. Therefore, allowing the users to have a personalized device that fits their requirements.

The company’s current models include 30-pint dehumidifier, 50-pint dehumidifier, 70-pint dehumidifier, and a few more. Being in a constantly changing world due to technological developments and increasing customer demands, the brand understands its position and responsibility in serving the people and thereby ensures the most advanced devices.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the 70-pint dehumidifier by the brand. It is currently the most demanded model. Not only is it heavy-duty and super durable, but also quite efficient. Therefore, read through this Tosot dehumidifier review to know the worth and effectiveness of the device.

Tosot 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Pump Review

Dehumidifying Capacity and Coverage

Based on the mentioned pints, we can comprehend its capacity. Thereby, this dehumidifier can remove about 70 pints of water from an area of about 4500 sq. ft., which can cover your entire house without compromising on the results. It can work continuously for 24 hours. Such extended performance ensures amazing results without impacting your electricity bills much.


This Tosot dehumidifier with pump works fine under normal temperatures around 27 degrees Celsius with a humidity level of about 60. Hence, you do not have to worry about the optimal temperature.

What it does is that it takes in the warm air of the room, draws the moisture out of it, reheat it, and throw it back for a fresh and enjoyable environment. Therefore, a lot of people find it working somewhat like a mini AC.

The Integrated Pump

Tosot offers two 70 pint dehumidifiers, one with a built-in pump and the other without it. Since we are looking at the former one, it has a built-in pump with the dehumidifier. This pump eases the process of disposing the water that the device collects from the surrounding air.

It automatically starts to drain the water once the bucket has reached a certain amount. Therefore, it mitigates the chances of any potential inefficiency in the performance due to water overload. The pump can dispense the water to up to twelve ft. away. So you do not have to put it next to the drainage hole.

Pump-less models depend upon the users to be drained and cleaned on time. With such devices, you have to place them near a drainage hole before connecting a hose to dispense the water. People usually find this system a little troublesome than the former one with an integrated pump.

Water Bucket

For people who do not prefer using the internal pump, the water bucket isn’t much trouble either. It has a large capacity of about 2 gallons, which can go by for about five hours of constant functioning. Moreover, the convenient swivel handles and the baffles reduce the chances of the spill in taking out and draining the bucket. So you can enjoy a worry-free draining and cleaning.

Whisper Quiet Performance

Most dehumidifiers in the market are quite noisy and disturbing. You practically have to get used to their annoying sound in your room 24/7. However, this Tosot 70-pint dehumidifier is the quietest you’ll ever come across. It produces as low as 51 dB sound, which is hardly audible.

Energy Efficiency

Donning an Energy-Star rating, this Tosot dehumidifier with pump constantly removes moisture from the air without spiking your electricity bills, which helps save a lot on your utilities. According to experts, energy-efficient products have 30% less operating cost than those without an energy star rating.  

This feature also contributes to a better environment by reducing energy consumption. By using Tosot 70 pint dehumidifier, you not only save your money but also help in climate restoration.

Power Outage Restart

Dehumidifiers often lose their settings if they are disconnected while working. It requires the user to reset it once the power is back, which requires time, making it difficult for busy users to do so. To deal with this issue, Tosot has designed the device with an automatic reset that restores the original settings once the electricity connects. Therefore, even if you accidentally disconnect it or the power turns off, there isn’t much to be done to get it back to work.  

LED Display

It would be quite tricky and time-taking to bring the device to the desired settings without knowing the settings requirements. To ensure convenience in setting up the device and informing the user of the current settings, this dehumidifier features an LED display.

It exhibits the current humidity level along with the level you want to achieve, making it quite easy to get to the desired moisture level. With constant display, you can easily turn off the device once the pre-set level is achieved. In case you want it to run non-stop, press the minus button until you reach NS. Also, remember to turn on the internal pump with this setting. That’s because when running non-stop, the device will fill up the water bucket, which must be emptied timely. By turning on the internal pump, the water will dispense on its own. Hence, the unit will work on its own without requiring your hands.

Washable Filter

Tosot’s air filter, like any other, requires periodic cleaning. You must clean them after around 250 working hours to ensure continuous efficiency. To help remind you of the task, Tosot has added a warning light on the display. It illuminates as soon as the filter reaches its limit.

To clean it up, you can use a mild detergent mixed in lukewarm water. Keep your movements slow and light, and do not go hard on the filters. Also, dry the filter entirely before putting it back on the device and turning it on.    

Some Extra Features

Well, that’s not all. Tosot also offers some extra features that enhance user experience. These features include a timer, auto shutdown, defrost, casters, three different fan speeds, and a few more. The automatic defrost is a life-saver for colder regions or those who decide to keep it in their basements.

Warranty and Support

Tosot considers its customers to be an important part of the brand. Due to this, it offers active customer support to help its customers in resolving any issue at any time. Plus, it offers a one-year warranty of this Tosot dehumidifier so that you do not have to fret over or invest in the maintenance or reparation of the device during that period.


  • Washable filters
  • Built-in pump
  • Quiet performance
  • Large water bucket
  • Useful extra features like automatic shut down and defrost


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Lacks battery backup

Tosot Comparison Table


Models 30 pint dehumidifier 50 pint dehumidifier 70 pint dehumidifier 70 pint dehumidifier with pump
Coverage 0-1500 sq. ft. 1500-3000 sq. ft. 3000-4500 sq. ft. 3000-4500 sq. ft.
Capacity according to 2012 DOE standards 30 pints/ day 50 pints/ day 70 pints/ day 70 pints/ day
Bucket size 1 gallon 1.5 gallons 2 gallons 2 gallons
Drainage system Bucket, drain hose Bucket, drain hose Bucket, drain hose Bucket, drain hose, built-in pump
Energy-Star Yes Yes Yes Yes
Noise Level 48 dB 50 dB 51 dB 51 dB

Final Verdict

In this Tosot dehumidifier review, we have mentioned almost all of its features to help you judge the device for a purchase. The 70-pint dehumidifier with pump is a great option for extensive and constant coverage. It has a large water bucket that comes out of its position for emptying in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the air filter is quite durable and even washable. To top all of that is the noiseless performance, which feels nothing more than a whisper. A little downside to the device is its expensive price tag and lack of battery backup to keep the device running in the absence of electricity.

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  • How can I unplug the 70-pint Tosot dehumidifier?

Since the Tosot 70-pint dehumidifier is plugged into a wall socket, you have to turn the switch off and unplug the wire from there. Make sure your hands are dry when you do that. Also, unplug the device only when you plan to keep it shut for a long time.

  • How does a 70-pint Tosot dehumidifier with a pump work?

It’s a simple device, nothing much complicated with the working. It takes in the hot air in the room to pass through a cold pipe where the water is sucked out of it and into a bucket. That air is then reheated and let out to maintain the desired humidity level in the room. Upon continuous working, the bucket has to be emptied every five hours in case you haven’t activated the pump. Otherwise, the internal pump is responsible for that. It dispenses the water automatically upon reaching a limit in the collection bucket.

  • Can Tosot 70 pint dehumidifier be used as a whole-house dehumidifier?

Yes, with its 70-pint dehumidification capacity and a coverage area of about 4500 sq. ft., you can easily use it as a whole-house dehumidifier. Also, it has a large water bucket that offers better capacity, saving you from emptying the bucket every five minutes. What’s even more convenient is the internal pump that relieves you from emptying buckets at all. The automatic shut off and defrost are additional features to increase ease of use and comfort.

Tosot Dehumidifier Review: 70 Pint with an Internal Pump
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Tosot Dehumidifier Review: 70 Pint with an Internal Pump
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