5 Best Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heaters


A hot refreshing bath is among the world’s most exquisite experiences. Much so that a hotel room without a hot shower isn’t (so) lucrative. If you want your hotel business to thrive, with many customers flocking in, you’ve got to ensure a steady flow of hot, searing water in the bathrooms.

And a typical, conventional heater can’t yield that. You’ll need a stable, reliable one with a massive water output.

The good thing is that water heaters are readily available in the market. But landing on the perfect one can sometimes be a nerve-racking experience. That is why we set off on a mission to narrow down for you the many available options.

And since you probably don’t want any water or gas tanks inconveniencing you, here are the best commercial electric tankless water heaters.

Our top 3 picks

 Best Overall  – Steibel Eltron Tempra 29 Plus Tankless Water Heater.



Simultaneously runs 6 showers, courtesy of the unwavering 8 GPM flow rate!

 Best energy saving  – Ecosmart ECO36.



Features a patented self-modulating mechanism that curtails your power bills.

 Best budget  – Titan SCR-2 N-120.



Pay less but still enjoy an endless supply of hot water.

Best Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heaters Review

Steibel Eltron Tempra 29 Plus Tankless Water Heater


The Steibel Eltron Tempra 29 Plus is among the most powerful heaters in the market. Of course, it comes at a higher price but don’t count that as a downside as there is a lot for you to benefit from.

First, it features digital temperature control that accurately senses temperature changes and adjusts power usage. Consequently, there is minimal wastage of energy, and this saves you money.

For manual adjustment of temperature, there is a knob that runs between 86°F and 140°F. Setting the desired figure is easy since a digital temperature display is there for you.

The mammoth 8 GPM flow rate makes this model one of the best commercial electric tankless water heaters. It will sufficiently serve 6 showers and at least 2 faucets without any of them running dry.

The good thing is that even at the maximum flow, the water temperature remains constant. This is courtesy of the advanced flow control feature.

This commercial electric tankless water heater runs on 240 V and 100 Amps, which is quite fair for the flow rate.

As for the warranty, you are covered for 7 years in case of leakages, and 3 years if any of the parts fail to function.

User critic

Users confirm that the temperature doesn’t fluctuate no matter how high the flow rate is. Water flows abundantly to 6 showers, and it also operates silently.


  • The digital temperature control makes it energy efficient
  • It offers constant water temperature even at the highest flow rate
  • It’s sleek in size and occupies little space
  • Operates silently
  • Easy to install


  • It comes with a high price tag
  • Users complained that there is a big drop in water temperature when external temperature goes low.

Final verdict

With a maximum flow rate of 8 GPM, this tankless water heater is an ideal investment for both home and commercial consumers. So, if you can rise up to the price, this one is worth your while.

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Titan SCR-2 N-120 Electric Tankless Water Heater


When on the hunt for the best commercial electric tankless water heater, potential buyers will always appreciate a fairly priced product. That is why Titan came up with this pocket-friendly heater that performs as well as those costing an arm and a leg.

What you will notice at first sight is the compact and stylish design. This gadget will fit anywhere you want it to and is a good addition to a modern setting.

Despite the small size and compact design, the unit is able to achieve a 4 GPM flow rate at 20°F temperature rise. This will dispense hot water for up to 3 showers, making it suitable for home and commercial use.

Maybe the only downside is that it doesn’t do so well in cold climate places. To achieve this flow rate, the inlet water temperature has to be 60°F.

All in all, this budget heater is energy efficient. It has some energy-saving techniques that make its efficiency hit 99.5%.

Also featured, is a simple display screen that indicates the temperature level as either low, mid or high. Just below the display, you will find the temperature control push buttons.

Titan seals the deal by giving you a 10-year warranty on the internal components.

User critic

This product has an Amazon’s choice badge, and those who have bought it applaud the steady flow of hot water. They claim that it supplies water for long periods without running dry. However, some users complained that blasts of cold water slip sometimes. The fittings were also observed to drip water on the floor.


  •  Sensibly priced
  • Can supply for up to 3 bathrooms
  • Very easy to install
  • A long 10-year warranty
  • It’s compact and takes up very little space


  • The 60°C inlet water requirement makes it unsuitable for cold climates.
  • It’s fittings are prone leaking

Final verdict

Sometimes, it’s hard to find a fairly priced product that is genuine and delivers what it promises. Most of them give false specs and don’t even last a month.

However, that is not the case with the Titan SCR-2 N-120. It’s true to its word. That said, if you need an electric tankless water heater and are not doing so well financially, this one could be your best friend.

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Ecosmart ECO36


Flow rate matters a big deal when it comes to the best commercial electric tankless water heater. What you want from a heater is a continuous supply of hot water, and the Ecosmart ECO36 delivers just that.

Having an impressive flow rate of 6 GPM, it can simultaneously service up to 4 showers. That is when the weather is warm though. But even at low temperatures, it still manages 3.5 GPM which is good enough for 2 showers and a few faucets.

Right off the box, this tankless water heater looks sleek and modernly designed. It doesn’t only take up very little of your space but also adds to the aesthetics of your home.

The set up process is also easy and straightforward though it might take several minutes.

Using the patented self modulating-mechanism, the Ecosmart ECO36 noticeably cuts down on your electricity bills. This mechanism is so accurate that it detects temperature changes of even below 1° F.

One hassle-free process in this unit is adjusting the temperature. There is a featured digital controller that allows increments of 1° without any struggle.

On top of all these amazing features, you get a lifetime industrial warranty from Ecosmart.

User critic

According to many reviewers, this water heater is a steady supplier of hot water and sufficiently serves four showers. However, some complained that its fittings leak.


  • It is energy efficient
  • Takes up very little of your valuable space
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Features digital temperature controller
  • Has copper and stainless steel components that make it more efficient


  • Quite expensive
  • Its fittings leak

Final verdict

Though there are a few downsides, a 6 GPM flow rate will serve you just right. And since this heater is durable, it is worth investing your money on.

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Rheem RTEX 24 Electric Tankless Water Heater


The Rheem RTEX 24 is one of the best choices for commercial electric tankless water heaters. It’s powerful, modern and offers massive flow rates.

What’s unique about this model is the self-modulating power control feature it comes with. This rare feature automatically increases the power input in order to sufficiently yield hot water when high flow rates are demanded. Similarly, when taps are closed, and a lesser flow rate is required, it downs the input to save on energy.

Just like any other good heater out there, the RTEX 24 has digital temperature control. This, combined with the self-modulating power control, keeps your electricity bills as minimal as possible.

It also has a convenient digital temperature display. You can vary the temperature at 1° F increments using the knob, and the LED display makes it easy and accurate.

As for the flow rate, this commercial electric tankless water provides hot water at 6 GPM. It has 3 copper heating elements that are not only effective but also durable.

Lastly, installation is fast and straightforward. The unit features threaded 3/4 inch NPT water connections that don’t require any professional handling.

User critic

It has a 4.5-star review on Amazon. Users refer to it as ‘fantastic’, as it offers limitless hot water. They are happy that it features 3/4 inch that makes setting up easy like pie.


  • Self-modulating power control feature
  • Energy efficient
  • A convenient flow rate
  • Features 3 heating elements
  • Easy to install


  •  It’s only for single faucet use- Other connected faucets will run on cold water.
  •  It takes some time for water to flow out when you open the faucet.

Final verdict

Running on a single faucet is quite a downside, but on the other hand, a 6 GPM flow rate is really impressive for a single shower. This one will feel exotic for the bather and is ideal for VIP hotel rooms.

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Bosch WH27 Tronic


Bosch has established a sturdy reputation for manufacturing excellent home appliances. Most importantly, their electric tankless water heaters are known for their versatility and durability. As such, you can rely on the Bosch WH27 for endless supplies of hot water.

With a convenient 3.3 GPM flow rate, it’s suitable for home use and business as well. You can connect it to 3 applications, but it can only support one at a time. This is a bit of a drawback but the maximum flow makes up for it all.

Another thing that this electric heater boasts of is a sleek, compact design. Weighing at only 19.5 pounds, you can mount it anywhere imaginable.

I also have to say that this unit is beautifully and elegantly designed. So, while giving you the luxury of hot refreshing baths, it also revitalizes your home.

This heating appliance is 97% energy efficient, thus, gives you a little break on the bills. It runs on 120 Amps of power with 3, 40 Amp circuit breakers offering protection.

The installation process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

User critic

Once it was fully installed and operational, users didn’t come across any big issues. The heater matched what was being advertised online.


  • Suitable for both home and commercial use
  • Compact, light-weight and elegantly designed
  • It is energy efficient
  • Has an element modulating control that ensures steady water temperatures
  • Operates smoothly and silently


  • Supports only one application at a time
  • Can take up to 40 seconds before the water flows out
  • Repair costs are quite high

Final verdict

Brand is a point of concern when buying any product. The Bosch WH27 is made by a veteran manufacturer and on top of that, it is backed by positive user reviews. Although it is not a perfect product, it will satisfyingly meet your hot water needs. That said, it is worth investing money on.

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Buying Guide – Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heaters

And that’s it about the reviews. I believe that I have covered the best if not the finest commercial electric tankless water heaters in the market. If you know exactly your needs, then you are now good to go.

But here’s yet more information about the best commercial electric tankless water heaters.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Commercial Electric Water Heater

Flow rate

You will need a water heater that sufficiently supplies hot water to the targeted number of showers and faucets. The flow rate, among electric tankless water heaters, ranges from 1 to 8 GPM. However, for a commercial heater, go for at least 3 GPM. That will amply supply for at least 3 showers, and if it only supports one application at a time, the output will be massive.


You have already spent money on purchasing the appliance. Why again pay for installation? Most electric heaters are easy to set up but there are others that demand professional installers. One that you will install yourself and will give you no hard time is recommended. Also, make sure that it comes with all the installation parts.

It is important, though, to note that an electricity upgrade is required. It can be a bit costly.

Energy efficiency

It is prudent to go for a tankless water heater that scales down your bills. So, before buying an appliance for your business, check its energy efficiency. Some quality heaters are as high as 98% efficient.

The best commercial electric tankless water heater should also have an auto-power control feature that minimizes energy usage.

Compact design

In such times where the luxury of space is rare, it is wise to go for a heater that doesn’t prompt you to shift everything just to create room for it. Luckily, most electric models are sleekly designed and can be mounted on all walls.

It’s also good to go in rhythm with the current trends. Some of the heaters have elegant designs, with fine finishes and well-rounded corners. They will not only supply hot water but also add to the aesthetics of the place.


Does the electric heater come with safety features? Heaters are prone to blowing up and can be hazardous. You don’t want to put the whole building at risk just because a temperature rise occurred. So, a feature like auto-power control is vital when it comes to safety. Other important safety features include freeze protection and temperature lock.


Water heaters break down and some even go completely nonfunctional after only a month. Just imagine if the product is unwarranted.

Before making the purchase, always check the warranty.  A good warranty should protect you from leakages and internal parts break down. Some models, like one we reviewed, offer a whopping 10-year leakage warranty and a 3-year for the parts.


Electric tankless water heaters can be costly but check the spec sheet before you spend. You should see value for every coin you spend.

All the same, there are budget heaters that are very pocket-friendly. These gadgets will cost you less but still fulfill all your hot water needs.

Advantages Of Choosing A Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heater

After all, heaters, whether commercial or conventional, have one function: To heat water. Then why not use the typical home heater for your hotel business? Here are the reasons.

Flow rate

Electric tankless water heaters designed for commercial purposes yield hot water in huge amounts. These powerful appliances can give a flow rate as high as 10 GPM, which is good enough to even rival a gas heater. Due to that reason, they are suitable for places with a high demand of hot water.

Hotels, for example, require continuously flowing water for the faucets, which a commercial electric tankless water heater will provide. Even for the many bathrooms, these heaters will come through as they can support up to 6 showers.

Conventional heaters, on the other hand, aren’t known for great flow rates. They are, therefore, only suitable for family use.

Quick hot water

One thing that disqualifies typical home heaters is the delay to dispense hot water. Some of them will take up to 40 seconds before water flows out. This will be an inconvenience, especially to those running hotels, where customers want instant water at the sinks.

With a commercial heater, customers don’t have to queue in front of a tap waiting for water to flow out. It streams out almost instantly!

Constant water temperature

Most of them feature the advanced flow control mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the set temperature doesn’t change, despite the varying flow rate. The result is cool uninterrupted baths.

Energy efficiency

Since running a business comes along with hectic bills, these electric heaters ease off the burden a little. They use the self-modulating technology that senses the outside temperature and adjusts power usage automatically. This way, they remarkably cut down your energy costs.

Why Electric and not Gas Commercial Electric Water Heaters?

Gas heaters are known for their great power and massive flow rates. However, for many solid reasons, electric-powered heaters are the best choice.

Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, they are safe and less likely to cause hazards. You see, gas heaters involve combustion and a pilot light is always on. A single gas leak or any tampering may prompt this flame to expand.

Less expensive. Electric heaters are affordable unlike the fuel-fired ones that may cost even more than 1000$.

Easy and cheap to install. Setting up an electric heater takes an hour at most. This you can do all by yourself. Gas heaters, on the other hand, require ventilators which must be installed by an expert.

Low running costs. Electric powered heaters have energy saving mechanisms that noticeably cut down your bills. This is unlike their gas counterparts which have an ever-on pilot light to finish up your propane.

Compactly designed. Electric heaters can be easily mounted on walls, thanks to their sleek designs. No gas tanks or ventilation pipes to take up your much valued space.

A longer lifespan. Now that their parts are not exposed to direct heat from a flame, they can last go for years without wearing out.

Application versatility. You can install an electric heater in any building, even a rented one, the reason being that all buildings have electric supply. To find a building with natural gas service, you will engage in a tiresome, may be unsuccessful, searching endeavour.


How much flow rate should a commercial electric tankless water heater have?

The flow rate for electric tankless water heaters ranges between 1 and around 10 GPM. For commercial purposes, go for at least 3 GPM. But if the water demand is quite high, you may opt for a bigger flow rate such as 8 GPM. However, it’s important to note that a bigger flow rate comes at a cost.

What’s the difference between a commercial water heater and a conventional water heater?

A commercial electric tankless water heater is meant for places with a high demand of hot water such as hotel rooms, dormitories, hostels. As such, it has a relatively high flow rate to meet the lofty demands. Conventional heaters are the typical ones used in households. A heater with a 1 GPM is counted as conventional and is only suitable for home use.

Can you run out of hot water with a tankless water heater?

A tankless water heater heats water as the demand for it arises. When the tap is opened, the internal components sense movement and prompt the heating elements to apply heat. As long as the input pipe is loaded, you will not run out of hot water.

However, the system may get overwhelmed when the demand for hot water is so high. This will lead to lower flows and sometimes lower temperatures. For that reason, get a tankless water heater whose flow rate matches your needs.

What is the downside of a commercial electric tankless water heater?

The biggest disadvantage of electric water heaters is that they have lesser flow rates. While gas heaters can go as high as 15 GPM, these ones can only manage 8. Some also can only supply for a single faucet at a time. So, if your demand for hot water is very very high, you may opt for a fire-fuelled heater.

How long does a tankless water heater last?

A good tankless water heater can last for 20 years! However, to live that long, regular maintenance and replacement of broken parts is a must. Another good thing is that they can come with a warranty of up to 10 years.

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