Water Cooler Dispenser Troubleshooting Guide

Water Cooler Dispenser Troubleshooting

Is your water cooler no longer functioning as it used to? Are you looking for someone to help you fix the problems you are facing? You probably don’t need some professional help. We have gathered a list of common problems and simple solutions to get your water cooler to dispense water better than before. Keep on reading; you are at the right place to get all your questions answered. 

The water cooler is an electrical device reliable for both home and office use. It comes in various models that can provide you with cool and filtered water. No matter what type of water cooler you have, it is common for it to stop dispensing water. 

We understand that water coolers generally need minimal repairs, they can be susceptible to the sporadic fault just like any other home equipment. Maybe you are unaware of it, but misusing a water dispenser is the leading cause of many technical and non-technical issues.

In this guide, we discuss common problems of water coolers faced by most of the people and their solutions.

What Is A Water Dispenser?

We are well familiar with this common household device that is mainly used to keep our water cold in summer to satisfy our thirst. It is a medium-sized machine that cools or heats water and dispenses water with a cooling unit. It may also be used in winter to heat water and for other multiple purposes. It is mostly found in kitchens, offices, and other public areas.

Main Parts Of Water Dispenser

A water dispenser contains mainly the following parts:

  • A reservoir (maybe two)
  • A hot reservoir tank
  • A cold reservoir tank
  • A drip tray
  • A water heater
  • A chilling system to cool the water
  • A tap or two to release water
  • Water cooler bottle support collar

Like many other appliances, water coolers can malfunction and breakdown for multiple reasons. This could be very irritating, especially if it is brand new. In order to cope with these complications, we have listed some common problems and their most probable solutions. 

Common Water Cooler Dispenser Problems And Solutions

We have gathered an exhaustive list of the problems you may face with your water dispenser, and we suggest solutions to make it easy for you to enjoy back your cooled water.

 1. Water dispenser not working

2. Water tastes nasty

3. Water cooler is leaking

4. Smelly water

5. Water temperature is not precise

6. Problem in dispensing hot water

7. Water dispenser not giving chilled water

8. Water cooler not dispensing any water

Water Dispenser Not Working

The main issue many people face when they buy a new water dispenser is that the water cooler dispenser is not working properly at all.


Check out that the switch of the water dispenser is plugged into the wall and the main source of electricity is on. It is very common for users to forget to check the electricity, so make sure to check out these little things. A customer stated his experience in the as follows:

“When it was delivered to my home and placed in the kitchen, I was checking it out by turning buttons on at the backside of the body but wouldn’t function. I came to realize that the main power button was not plugged in.”

Water Tastes Nasty

If your water tastes bad, it necessarily means that the water dispenser is unclean. Generally, you simply need to clean down the cooler.

There is a simple solution to this, rinse the inside of the water cooler carefully with clean boiled water, detergent, and a scrubber prior to filling it with any freshwater.

You should also check the water filter. It might be filled up with debris that may be the result of extra salts present in water. When water is heated, some extra salts are kept in the water cooler’s internal parts, causing a bad odor, which makes the water polluted.

Timely maintenance and regular cleaning can provide the best results in attaining fresh and lightweight water.

Water Cooler is Leaking

Why is my water cooler leaking? This is a common problem facing many people. There may be several reasons behind it. 

Generally, it happens due to the holes or maybe cracks in the water jug or the water cooler itself. The holes in the jug or cooler are caused normally when they are being transported. 

Secondly, when the air pressure of the jug changes, it may cause leaking. Now, if you want a solution, you need to check first from where the leak is coming. Here are some solutions to be followed when you are facing this issue: 


Things usually required for repairing the leaking issue:

  • Sandpaper, 120 grit
  • Plastic epoxy resin
  • Epoxy scattering device
  • Detergent
  • Scrubber

Instructions To Repair Cracks Of  the Water Cooler:

  1. If the epoxy patch is sited on the outer of the water cooler, you can apply a paint coat to match it best. Use a suitable color and a small brush. Detect the leakage in the water cooler. Most trickles result from inner cracks. In some conditions, the crack may penetrate through to the cooler’s external shell.
  2. Grit the edges of the crack and the space around it with 120-grit sandpaper. This will increase the strength of epoxy adhesion.
  3. Now scrub with a bead of plastic epoxy resin to the crack, stuffing it in with a small epoxy spreading instrument. If the crack pierces to the outside of the water cooler, pack this crack with epoxy also.
  4. Spread leftover epoxy over the region surrounding the crack, so that a patch is formed. This helps to bind the edges and forms a strengthening barrier. 

4. Leaking Tray

Another possible reason that could cause leaking is a drip tray that is placed beneath taps and is filled with water and causing water outflows.


Remove the tray and wash it with clean water and soap to avoid this issue, checkout dripping tray on a daily basis because standing and overflowing water constantly spreads not only irritating odor due to the growth of bacteria but also causes rusting.

5. Smelly Water

In our daily life, the main purpose of a water dispenser is to keep water cold to quench our thirst. Sometimes water can be smelly and unclean. The possible reason behind it is the production of bacteria in the water cooler because dampness and hotness are ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria. No need to worry about it; there is a simple solution to this issue. Simply follow some instructions.


    • Always wash your hands before getting in touch with the water cooler. This is necessary to avoid the transfer of bacteria from your hand into the cooler.
    • Wash the drip tray daily.
    • Try not to pour coffee or tea into the dripping tray
    • Wash out the 5-gallon water frequently

6. Water Temperature Is Not Precise

If your water cooler is not warming or cooling water, you may have forgotten to turn on the heating or cooling button.

If it was not on, simply turn it on and wait for some minutes to check whether the issue is resolved or another issue causing the problem.

7. Problem In Dispensing Hot Water

You have to keep in mind that the water dispensers are designed to chill the water and the hot water option is added in your machine as a bonus. The cold water tank has more use as compared to hot water.

The hot water tap is used only to make a cup of tea or coffee. Probably warm water is not consumed by someone at all. And more water takes 5 minutes to refill and another five minutes to heat up the water.

Look on the backside of the water dispenser where you would find two buttons one for the cold usually green in color and the other one is red that is for hot water. Make sure the switch button for the hot water is turned on. Now check again whether the hot water is coming.

8. Water Dispenser Not Giving Chilled Water

Those who are familiar with the use of electric appliances understand that there is also a limited capacity of any electric device. There might be a chance in summer due to the intense heat, the water dispenser capacity of chilling water slows down. It is normal in summer so there is no need to worry about it.

9. Water Cooler Not Dispensing Any Water

One should make sure the bottle is not unfilled and that there is sufficient water in the 5-gallon water bottle.


Take away the water bottle from the water dispenser and place it back on the water cooler though at the same time keep both taps open. Do not try to do this without help. You need one person to hold the taps and another to do away with and re-attach the bottle.


What Comes With The Water Cooler?

  • Hot and cold spigots
  • A dripping tray
  • An introductory booklet
  • An electric cord

Does A Bottle Come With A Water Cooler?

It depends on the company where you buy the water cooler. In most cases, the water bottle is not included.

Can We Turn Off The One Heater Hot Or Cold If Necessary? Will That Affect The Machine?

Yes, you can turn off one tab according to your need. I mostly turn on the cold heater during summer and hot in winter.it will not spoil down your machinery at all.

It Has A Hot Tap, So Is It Safe For Kids?

Yes, there is a safety feature designed especially for kids you can put a safety lock on so the whole family can use it.

What Is The Warranty For The Water Cooler?

Generally, the warranty for the water cooler is one year. The warranty card is given at the time of buying or it is inside the box of the water cooler.

After How Many Times Should I Clean My Water Dispenser?

It’s good to wash and sanitize with detergent and mildly boiled water every 3 to 6 months.

Get a New Water Dispenser!

Is your water dispenser old and has been breaking down multiple times already? You should consider changing it and getting a new one for this summer. Here are three water dispensers, with different functionalities. Read and find the one for you:  

PUDHOMS 5 Gallon Water Dispenser

Check the price

This is the most common type of water dispenser. The main function of this water dispenser is to make the water hot or cold only.

Some of the users shared their reviews that this device has eased their lives, and now they want to use it forever.

The good thing about this model is that it has a chargeable battery and is easy to handle. In some countries, there is the issue of light, so it’s the best choice to use it as described by one of the customers: “I ordered PUDHOMS water dispenser, the results are amazing. It worked effectively with a charged battery in load shedding hours highly recommended.”

Chard IM-15SS, Ice Maker with LCD Display

Check the price

This is an advanced type of water dispenser that is mainly used to make ice. It has a large freezing unit, and its body is made of stainless steel. 

It is like a small freezer, due to its unique and sleek functions; it is considered as the number 1 choice of the customers as indicated in the following review “Sleek design and easy to use function has solved our problems. It provides ice crystals in no time, which was my dire need.”

Manual water cooler TeraPUMP TRPMW200

Check the price

This manual water cooler, also called a water pump, is very easy to handle and is much cheaper than electric water dispensers, as stated by one of the customers: “I used the water pump ordered online. It has the best results and cools the water and keeps it cool for a long time.”


Water Cooler Dispenser Troubleshooting Guide
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Water Cooler Dispenser Troubleshooting Guide
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