Sawyer Water Filter – 5 Premium Advantages Over Other Mini Filtration System


Gone are the days when bulky pump filters, harsh chemical treatments, and UV light pens were the only ways to have safe drinking water. The Sawyer water filter has revolutionized water filtration in the form of a portable water filter for all your travel needs.

What comes before gathering your sleeping bag, tent, and backpack?

A water purification system for obvious reasons.

To keep the wilderness alive, the Sawyer water system has invented a breakthrough mechanism to make water purifier carriable, saleable, and easy to use. The product comes with amazing features of weight, practicality, and versatility, which is why it is one of the highest-selling water purifiers among all similar products in the market.

Features Of Sawyer Water Filter


Will you be able to easily and safely fill water upon an encounter with a place of harsh water resources?

The Sawyer water filter takes away such concerns for hikers and travelers. Well, with the brilliant minds working behind the Sawyer, let’s take a look at the amazing features the Sawyer water filter incorporates.

Realize how the smallest of the smallest equipment can be a life savior!


The Sawyer water filter can be used in the same way as the Sawyer Squeeze. However, the former comes with the distinct advantage of using them for all manners of filtering.

Do you prefer drinking straight from the bottle?

Well, the product makes the most of it and let you have perfectly safe drinking. Don’t worry about the filtering process. It incorporates a 0.1 membrane filter. Filter water from any source – a river, puddle, or a hand pump.


Sawyer water filter comes with the unique concept of being used with positive or negative pressure. Unlike a straw, which can only be employed with negative pressure.

The product can be used with field faucets, faucets in hotels and houses where the water supply may be a suspect. Modes of gravity filtration is not a challenge for the mini-miracle.

Easy To Filter

Once you fill the filter, you can extract the produce either by sucking or squeezing. The straw mode requires extreme sucking force. The attached straw is seemingly narrow, and the output relatively small.

On the other hand, squeezing the Sawyer water filter on the bag may feel better. However, the process may take time. A primary advantage of using the product with the gravity filter is the inline system.

It appears to be relatively fast, although it requires effort to suck the water out if used with the hydration bladder.

Bacteria Free Water

The Sawyer mini water filter has been tested for removing bacterial growth from infected water. Raw water, when extracted after filtration from the product, is found to have no signs of bacteria.

The filter is built with a hollow fiber membrane of 0.1 microns, known to remove 99.99% of bacteria. Removal includes disinfecting the water from Salmonella and E-coli. The product also makes water free from Protozoa, including cryptosporidium.

Ease Of Use And Setup


What’s more advantageous than carrying a portable water filter that weighs only 3.7 ounces? You read that, right!

The entire product weighs about 2 oz, which includes the straw, filter, and syringe. The filter itself weighs about 1.8 oz, which makes the entire model extremely lightweight, carriable, and easy to use. It can be fit well into a large zip lock bag.

The model is equipped with a thin profile for the ease of carrying for long travels. The product comes with a setup of different ways. You can use it most simply by fitting all the parts as required with the straw.

A standard size water bottle is enough to collect water for the filter. If you have a hydration bladder, you can also try a different model by putting it to the end of the tube and consume water directly from the filter. It’s not rocket science filling the Sawyer filter pouch with water.

However, all Sawyer products come with the limitation of collecting water from large sources. The filtration system removes all forms of dirt, and as such, water from any source is safe for drinking.

Sawyer Water Filter Comparison with Similar Products

The product comes in different models – Sawyer squeezes water filter and Sawyer mini. The clear winner in Sawyer squeeze vs. mini is the Sawyer Squeeze.

Check out the Sawyer squeeze water filter review Here

Let’s take a look at other similar products in the market.

Features/Name Of Product Sawyer Water Filter Lifestraw Personal-Portable Water Filter Katadyn Befree Water-Filter Survivor Filter Pro
Weight 56.6 gram 57 grams 58 grams 231.33 grams
Pros lightweight, cost-effective, removes bacteria reduces turbidity, good flow rate, durable collapsible soft bottle, easy clean membrane, leak-proof Lifetime warranty, superfast, flow rate sophisticated
Cons cannot be squeezed or frozen water suction is cumbersome for high altitude hikers no extra storage bag stress on the plunger handle may break it
Type Of Filter Used hollow fiber membrane inline filter 0.2-micron water filter 0.1-micron water filter 0.01-micron filter
Capacity Of Filtration 100000 gallons 1000 filters, 264 gallons Up to 1000 liters 100,000 liters

Pros And Cons Of The Sawyer Water Filter



  • Versatility
  • Lightweight and easy setup
  • Cost-effective water purifier
  • Good filtration system
  • Available in different colors
  • Final water quality comparable with home water filters


  • Cannot be used with the squeeze bag
  • If frozen may damage the product
  • Issues of backflushing like all the filters and therefore it requires maintenance

Final Verdict

A reliable filtration system for personal use. The Sawyer water filter is a great choice for camping, scouting, and long travel. It is a complete game-changer in the market compared to the other available similar products.

The cartridges are designed to filter water safe for consumption.

The ease of drinking clean water directly from the source without the hassle of carrying a bulky filter is an ideal option. If this does not fit your traveling need, no other product will.

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